We at St Philip’s take safeguarding most seriously.   We are committed, because we follow Jesus Christ, to protect the disadvantaged against those who might exploit them.

Our aim is that nobody who takes part in our Church or makes use of the Centre is harmed by another person taking advantage of their position.  Keeping people safe from abuse is not the responsibility of a few leaders but everyone has their part to play.

So our actions include:

  • Being constantly vigilant to all our interactions and exploring all risks related to potential abuse
  • Carefully recruiting everyone who runs any activity with children or vulnerable adults, carrying out appropriate checks before they take any responsibility
  • Maintaining our training of paid staff and volunteers
  • Referring substantive concerns to Ely Diocese’s team of independent safeguarding advisors
  • Reviewing safeguarding issues at every main Church Council meeting.

We are formally committed to ensuring that we follow all the recommended policy and practice statements on safeguarding from the Church of England.

If you should have any concern about what you have experienced or witnessed in relation to possible abuse, please speak as soon as possible to any one of the following experienced staff and office holders. All information will be treated in confidence and followed up according to our stated practice:

Other places where help can be found (note these operate outside St Philip’s responsibilities)

A summary of all aspects can be found in the Parish Safeguarding Handbook – its latest version is available by clicking the button.

Full details of the Church’s procedures can be found by clicking the second button.