Events and Groups at St Philip's

At St Philip’s we have various opportunities to find out more about Jesus, meet with others and to pray.

Some of our meetings are held over Zoom, some are in our church building, and some in one another’s homes. Praying together and being together is good for us! We’d love you to join us at one of our groups as we seek to grow in faith as individuals and as a church. Jesus promised to be with us as we gather in His name.

Below are the details of our regular meetings. To join, please use the contact form and we’ll be delighted to send details to you.

St Philip's current events


Morning Prayer – A small group which meets at Church to study the Bible and pray together using the Church of England set prayers


Monday & Friday

Compline – A small group meet on zoom to pray Compline together, using the Church of England set prayers.



Wednesday Friends – Our Warm Space initiative, come along to the Church cafe for a cuppa and some company.



Holy Communion – a quiet reflective service following Wednesday Friends.



Weekly Prayers – A led time of open prayer for the church and for the world, on zoom.



Friday Friends – Our Warm Space initiative, come along to the Church cafe for a cuppa and some company.



Bible Discussion and Prayer – A small group gather to discuss a biblical theme and to pray for one another, on zoom.



Home Groups – There are several small groups that normally meet in peoples’ homes to discuss a Bible passage, pray and chat. If you’d like to know specific times and locations, as well as to discern which group might be best for you, please click the link below and we will be in touch!


If you would like to join any of the above, please click here and request the details for the relevant meeting.

YOU are welcome at St. Philip’s, so please get in touch and let us help you find out the best way to get involved! We look forward to hearing from you.