Rooms to hire at St Philip's Centre

Please see below for details and prices of our rooms. All (except Smith and Salway) are wheelchair accessible as we have a lift to the first floor and no steps on the ground floor. There are (disabled) toilets on both floors and a small kitchen on the first floor which can be used for preparing drinks – with your own supplies.

Our prices get cheaper per hour for longer bookings, so the second hour is 25% cheaper than the first, and the third and all following hours are 25% cheaper than the second.

One-off events out of normal office hours (such as concerts, workshops, meetings, etc.) will usually have an administration charge of £50 added on. If the same person is responsible for a similar event within a year then this charge will not be applied again. We can’t have bouncy castles due to low-hanging lights and the polished floor.

Extra charge for heating in the Winter: We charge extra for bookings in the Auditorium (main church space) because of the cost to heat it. The charge will vary depending on the date of your booking and is based on the average monthly temperature and our gas price. Please discuss this when you make your booking.

Main Auditorium (Church)

With its high ceiling and stained-glass windows, the auditorium is an extremely versatile space that is perfect for large events or events where extra space is crucial. The floor is polished wood and there are enough chairs available to fill it for a concert. The carpeted Chancel area is not to be used by hirers, but the steps at its edge may be used for speaking from. The auditorium also has direct access to a small garden area.


Standing 200 / Theatre Style 150

PA/AV available?

Sound system, microphones and projectors are normally not available for non-church use

Room size

150 square metres.


1st hour:  £65.00

2nd hour:  £48.75

Additional hours:  £36.56

Piano hire: from £30.00 (tuning also possible)

Plus Winter heating charge (if applicable)

Discount! For larger groups, or when you’d like an extra area, the Auditorium and Lounge can be made into one big room, or the two rooms can rented together with a connecting door. Take about 50% off the cost of the Lounge when you hire it together with the Auditorium. Price for both:  £79.25 / £59.44 / £44.58

The Lounge or Cafe

The lounge area is a perfect area for smaller events and meetings. It can be closed off from the main auditorium with sound proofed sliding walls. The lounge leads directly off the entrance foyer and has easy access to the café. It is possible that disabled customers may need to cut through a corner of the Lounge to access the disabled toilet or lift.

The cafe is also available to hire (just the seating area, not the commercial kitchen). The prices are the same for either the Lounge or the Cafe. They can also be hired together at a discount (see below).

Capacity (each)

Theatre Style 35 / Café Style 20 / Boardroom 20

PA/AV available?

TV screen for connection to your laptop

Room size

54 square metres.

Prices - Lounge or Cafe

1st hour:  £28.50

2nd hour:  £21.38

Additional hours:  £16.03



Prices - Lounge and Cafe together

1st hour:  £42.75

2nd hour:  £32.06

Additional hours:  £24.05




The Howard Room

The Howard Room is an attractive room that can be found on the first floor of the centre with windows overlooking the main auditorium and large sky-lights to Thoday Street. With its high ceiling and exposed beams it is full of natural light.


Theatre Style 20 / Café Style 15 / Boardroom 16

PA/AV available?

TV screen for connection to your laptop

Room size

26 square metres.


1st hour: £27.50

2nd hour: £20.63

Additional hours: £15.47

The Hunt & Stott Rooms and the Prayer Room

The Hunt and Stott rooms can be hired individually or used together. They have a sound-proofed sliding wall between them, which means you can hold a meeting in one room and have the other as a breakout room. The rooms are on the first floor of the centre and have plenty of natural light. The Stott room has tables and conference chairs making it excellent for meetings, while the Hunt room has more space to be creative and more comfortable seating.

The Prayer Room is on the ground floor and accessed either directly from outside, or from the main Church (Auditorium). It’s a useful space to add to a booking in the Auditorium as a Green Room for performers or as storage for workshops.


Theatre Style 12 / Café Style 10 / Boardroom 10
(numbers are per room)

PA/AV available?

Stott room only: TV screen for connection to your laptop

Room size

Hunt - 18 square metres

Stott - 20 square metres

Prayer - 17 square metres

Prices - one room

1st hour: £22.25

2nd hour: £16.69

Additional hours: £12.52

Prices - both Hunt and Stott rooms

1st hour:  £33.50

2nd hour:  £25.13

Additional hours:  £18.84

The Taylor Room

The Taylor Room is a small meeting room and can be found on the first floor of the centre. It has a sloping ceiling and is full of natural light and has 2 comfy armchairs, a desk and an office chair.


Ideal for 2 people but can take up to 4

PA/AV available?

None available

Room size

Taylor room 9 square metres (4.6 x 2.3m with some limited headroom)


1st hour: £13.75

2nd hour: £10.31

Additional hours: £7.73

The Smith & Salway Rooms

The Smith and Salway Rooms are lovely small rooms with arm chairs and a coffee table, ideal for counselling or one-to-one meetings, as well as a quiet place for office work or zoom meetings. The Smith Room also has a desk and office chair, the Salway Room also has an extra 2 arm chairs. Both rooms have a large Velux window giving lots of natural light. These two rooms are only accessible via steps.


Up to 4 in each room

PA/AV available?

None available

Room size

Each room - 10 square metres (3.2 x 3.2m)


1st hour: £16.75

2nd hour: £12.56

Additional hours: £9.42


Last updated: February 2024

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