St Philip’s Primary School

The church has had a long involvement in the school. It has provided support for staff , children and parents. Church members served as governors and visitors, they have prayed, led collective worship, listened to readers, done DIY, and one member has for many years provided piles of Scones every other week for the staff t enjoy

The school has gone though a time of change with a gap of heads and covering acting heads and an Interim Exuctive Board taking over. A new permant Head Sally Allen began in September 2017 and is looking to lead the school into the next era.

The current process will involve Acadamisation and joining the Ely Diocese DEMAT and creating a new local governing body

“Here at St Philip’s School we are committed to developing the whole child. We try to develop a real partnership between home and school, so that we all contribute effectively to each child’s development. This is summed up in our school motto — Achieving together, developed as a result of consultation with parents and children.”

We have several governors involved and work with the school in various ways.