Marriage is a gift of God and a sign of our amazing created order, when a man and woman come together in union before God.

We will be pleased to help you plan a wonderful occasion for this special day and help you in preparation for marriage.

If you are marrying elsewhere and live in the parish of St Philip’s (Romsey Town area) you will require your banns to be read here. Please contact our church office.

Blessings on a civil marriage

For those who are looking for a blessing after a Civil Marriage this is wonderful opportunity to celebrate God’s love and pray for God's rich blessings. We can arrange a lovely service with you. Please contact us.

Preparation and support

It is good to have a chance to review this most important relationship. The Marriage Course allows couples to have time to talk over together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Many of us struggle in our relationships at some time and marriages are no different. The church can be a place to receive support in difficult and as well as happy times of our lives. If you would like to talk over how St Philip's might support you through a difficult time, please contact one of our clergy or staff through our church office.

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