HOLY WEEK AND EASTER LEAFLETS  Use these to invite people – and come yourself to as many as possible and bring others along.  Sign up for the meal on Thursday evening.  Help out with the Good Friday groups preparing for the service.  We value your contributions

Licensing of Rev. Tom Buchanan to serve in our Parish at 7.30pm Monday 24th April (before the APCM) - all are invited.  Meanwhile he is doing things with us.  Welcome him and Sophie - they have been around recently!

GIFTS  Pray that our giving is touched by the Lord’s generous grace.  We have regular DDs and salaries, and £781 in bills this week

 GIVING ENVELOPES  New sets of dated envelopes are available for those who give cash If you give regularly to the Church please consider giving by Standing Order as this greatly reduces the administration.  See Neil Summers

ARE YOU CONFIRMED?  We are considering planning a confirmation course after Easter.  Anyone who hasn’t been baptised or confirmed, please see Ruth B or Stewart

It’s Your Move week 2017  GenR8 are looking for students in years 11/13 who would be interested in joining their 2017 team.   For several years they have taken a team into primary schools to help.  It’s a great opportunity to have fun, meet others and be part of a valuable initiative.  Speak to Ruth Barry for more information

 FREE ELY CATHEDRAL PASS  There is a form on the Lounge noticeboard, please sign up if you would like a pass

 DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WITH A NEED?  Our Pastoral Link Team can assess and respond to most pastoral needs in our Church.  Contact Alan (245227    stphilips@syrop.co.uk

 Can you host Bastien, a Swiss 19 year old for a couple of weeks at the end April beginning of May?  Payment will be made!  We are in communication by email - his family know John and Jane Maire (Wycliffe Bible Translators). 

He will want to be involved in Church activities.  Invitations to various homes for daily meals will also be required.  See Stewart