Our sermons are on-line  www.stphilipschurch.org.uk  Then follow the links:  “Worshipping Together”,  “Discovery & fellowship”,  “Sermons”.  Then choose which one you’d like to listen to



PCC Secretary Minutes have been taken, but other aspects of the work have been missed.   The PCC require someone to take on this role.  See Stewart

Freelance Marketing Assistance To promote our spaces to businesses and other users (starting as soon as possible) and with potential requirement for future support.  We're open to payment by results and/or a set fee + expenses.  For more details see Martin Clark or Alan Syrop

St. Philip’s School Governor  We have the responsibility with the Church Schools Trust to replace one Foundation Governor. Could you see yourself doing this or know anyone able and willing?  See Stewart or Andrew MacLellan

Cornerstone Café Barry is looking for new helpers for specific weekly slots.  Thank you to all who already regularly give their time


Money Matters  Last year we had a large financial deficit, and anticipate a greater loss this year but with fewer reserves to cover.  We are looking to raise our regular giving and reduce our costs, and encourage all to come before God to re-evaluate our giving.  A letter to all Church members has been sent out; please read it prayerfully and consider your response (let Alan, Office, or  Stewart know if you haven’t received yours)

PLEASE BE VIGILANT  Sadly, we have recently had some PA microphones stolen, worth around £600

CHURCH ADDRESS BOOK  We are updating this.  If there are any changes to your details, please fill in a form (in the foyer) and hand to Stewart or Alan

ANNUAL CHURCH REPORT  If Caroline has asked (by email) for your entry, please can you get it back to her by Friday 3rd April

CHURCH NEWS E-MAIL LIST  Are you signed up?  If not, you may be missing emails from the Church.  If you use Gmail, do check your spam folder.  Please see the sheet of instructions which explains how to sign up

FLOWERS  If you would like to buy flowers in memory of someone, please see Jean Pierson or the Office for available dates