Our sermons are on-line  www.stphilipschurch.org.uk  Then follow the links:  “Worshipping Together”,  “Discovery & fellowship”,  “Sermons”.  Then choose which one you’d like to listen to


Re-catching the vision for CORNERSTONE CAFÉ  Whilst the Café is closed we are praying for a renewed vision for the future of the Café space. We want it to be a space where the consumption of food and drink combine with good conversations and that lead to Christ.  We are looking for those who could “own” this mission area.  Come and share your thoughts, hopes and prayers this Monday evening.  OPEN MEETING in the Church Centre this Monday at 7.30pm

Do you have responsibilities within St Philip’s?  You are invited to share in a Leaders Day Apart on Saturday 26th January 9.30-3pm at Mill Road Baptist Church. It’s a time to reflect about our Church ministry with the challenges we face in the year or two ahead.  If you would like to join this time let Alan Syrop know, so he has numbers for lunch time catering

Cambridge Churches Homeless Project  We are hosting again on Saturday nights, with the brilliant team from St Benet’s with some of our own folk as volunteers.

 Confirmation?  Inform Stewart that you are attending the 4 week preparatory course starting on  Tuesday  22nd January - with food soon after 7pm for a 7.45pm start

ACROSS THE CITY  Each month Cambridge churches produce an information sheet advertising various events across the city.  Do take a copy.  As a Church we contribute toward the printing and occasionally advertise our needs.  there are many Christian events in the City that you may value attending 

BIBLE READING AIDS  Information sheet about this, and “Reading Luke” leaflets in the foyer

MILK BOTTLE TOPS  Please give to Karl in the Office, as the Café is now closed