HOPE Cambridge

Hope Cambridge seeks to bring leaders of churches and Christian organisations together to network and pray. Three times a year a Network Lunch is organised and more regular smaller units of prayer groups are encouraged.   

Out of this it can be a catalyst for churches in the Cambridge area to work together, uniting in prayer, outreach and community action to contribute to the flourishing and good of our neighborhoods. Stewart Taylor (vicar) is currently the Chair of the Hope Cambridge Trust

'Thy Kingdom Come', the Archbishops initiative, has been a recent opportunity for Cambridge Christans to gather to pray 


Recent Actions arising from Hope Cambridge:

Cambridge Churches Homeless Project.

Various churches have opened their doors every night over four winter months to provide a meal and bed for those who would otherwise sleep rough. This has been going for the last 5 years and has been an amazing provision with up to 400 volunteers making it possible. 

Cambridge Street Pastors

Street Pastors are the church's response to the difficulties that can arise late at night in the city centre.

Drawn from local churches, Street Pastor volunteers patrol the streets in the centre of Cambridge from 10pm to 4am each Friday and Saturday night to help those in difficulty without judgement or discrimination. Well trained and fully equipped, the Street Pastors aim to provide a listening ear, practical help and Christian concern for all people, whether upset or sick or needing someone to talk to.

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