There are about a dozen small groups, ranging in size from 5 to 20, which meet regularly in the life of St Philip’s. Some of them meet weekly, some fortnightly, others monthly. Half of them are house groups, meeting in people’s homes and half of them are special groups e.g. Time to Share - a group for women, a men’s group, a Wednesday fellowship with mainly elderly members.

The groups fulfil various purposes including, typically:


  1. Getting to know members of the church well
  2. Sharing openly and honestly
  3. Giving each other mutual support spreading information about church events, projects, developments

Pastoral Care

  • Caring for the needy, depressed, ill
  • Encouraging the thriving, healthy, energetic
  • Visiting (house-bound) individuals not able to attend group


  • Growing in knowledge and understanding of Christian faith
  • Growing in Christ by deeper study of Bible in community
  • Encouraging use of gifts of Spirit and growth in fruits of Spirit


  • Praying for individuals
  • Resulting from shared lives
  • Time of sung worship


  • Reaching out to welcome people who are new to or on fringe of church life
  • Equipping for effective witness in members’ living or working context
  • Involvement in short-term projects and initiatives eg guest supper Mission support - praying for and communicating with church contacts working overseas