Discovery: Faith & Prayer

Exploring Christian Faith

Many know a little about Christianity and have either rejected it or neglected it over the years.
Some say to me, 'I don't believe in God'.
'Why is that?', I ask .
'I can't believe in a God who allows suffering and does not do anything about it' they say.
'I agree,' I reply, 'I don't believe in God either,...well not that sort of God!'

It is good to re-explore what the Christian Faith is about and find it may not be quite like all our pre-suppositions.

The Alpha Course is a wonderful chance to do this. Many have found this course very helpful. It is well worth taking the time to think over these important issues of life.

The Alpha Course is a nationally recognised 10 week course (with a Saturday in the middle) to look at the meaning of life. The friendly and informal atmosphere encourages exploration in a discovery of faith and the reflection on the person of Jesus.

There are several small groups that meet in people's homes and others that meet in the Church Centre. They are usually made up of 6-12 individuals who gather to share a little of their lives with each other and the Lord. Some of the groups eat food together, all have drinks!

2nd Sundays of the Month 7pm