Church History

The St Philip's building is ideally situated on Mill Road at the centre of Romsey town at one end of the "Broadway" area of shops. It dates from the start of the 20th century and the celebration of its centenary in part prompted the development of a vision for the creation of a modern facility to serve the requirements of the local community in the years ahead.

Built of brick and timber it ws originally just one large open space inside with a porch on the side (main) entrance. In the 1970's local property belonging to St Philip's was sold in order to fund the conversion of the rear portion of the building and create a multi-use room (the "lounge") plus smaller side rooms including a kitchen and toilets. In the 1980s a new glazed entrance on Mill Road was added and the kitchen and toilet areas enlarged.

These facilities were well used over the years for a variety of community focused activities, but for too long took second place, as far as spending was concerned, to the work of St Philip's and its support of other initiatives such as Romsey Mill. The building was in need of refurbishment and improvement to meet the requirementss of the community.

The vision was to create a modern parish centre that would serve the needs of the church and community in the years ahead, one which would be a place of welcome and friendship. The work required was in two parts, the refurbishment of the existing church building which was by now over 100 years old and the creation of new and enhanced facilities. Thes were to provide a cafe area fronting Mill Road, additional meeting and group activity rooms, improvements of the ground floor rooms, additional office space on the first floor and an improved kitchen and new toilets including disabled toilet facilities. Planning permission was obtained for the works and designs drawn up and costed and over time and, partly through the sale of the *St Stephen's site, funding was secured. After over a year of construction, a temporary relocation to St Philip's school, many meetings, problem solving and tough decisions the new St Philip's Church Centre opens on 16th June 2012.

We welcome you to join us in our new light airy spacious modern building!

History of St Stephens (PDF)