Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is a nationally recognised 10 week course (with a Saturday in the middle) to look at the meaning of life. The friendly and informal atmosphere encourages exploration in a discovery of faith and the reflection on the person of Jesus.

Alpha courses are planned each year for the post summer term - October to December in the St Philip's Church Centre on a Tuesday evening. We normally begin with food from 7pm and finish before 9.45pm. We have planned daytime Alpha for those who find evenings difficult.

Consider coming to our next Alpha Course which starts on Tuesday 10th October 2017

We start with a simple shared meal, then listen to a talk for about 15 minutes, share tea, coffee and biscuits, and then have a short discussion about what we heard in the talk. People have valued the small groups where open and honest discussion is possible. It is being enjoyed and valued by the various comments received from those attending.

If you are interested please email or telephone the Church Office 01223 414775

To discover more about the Alpha generally, please visit the national website

Ben's Story

Ben Pemberton came along as a result of his wife Tracy's recommendation - it had introduced her to Jesus in a new way and as a result she wanted to fully express her commitment to follow Christ by being baptised by immersion. She encouraged Ben to come as well and said how much he had found the Alpha course informative and helpful in his own search for God. They have now moved away from Cambridge and attending a Church near to them.  


Alongside Alpha there is a short 5 session, 'The Christian Journey' Sacrament course to cover the areas of Baptism, Communion and Confirmation.